Paros, Greece
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About Parilio

The rolling landscape of the Cycladic island of Paros — with its mountainous heaps, pine-fringed coves and white-washed fishing villages — casts a flawless frame around the timeless beauty that is Parīlio. Here, amongst 33 suites, the past, present and to an extent the future are seamlessly merged in a celebration of this fabled Greek escape.

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Meet the Maker: Kalia Konstantinidou, Istoria and Parīlio, Greece Parilio

Meet the beautiful Kalia Eliopoulos; With her husband Antonis, they own the magical Istoria and Parīlio hotels on the islands of Santorini and ...

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10 Facts about Parīlio and Istoria Parilio

We’ve gathered our 10 favourite facts from Parilio and Istoria Hotels in Greece.

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Destinations: Paros by Kalia Konstantinidou from Istoria and Parīlio Hotel Parilio

Discover the ultimate insider guide to Paros.  Let Kalia Konstantinidou from Istoria and Parilo Hotel take you on a tour of her favourite spots on ...

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