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Vilnius, Lithuania

Hotel Pacai

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The hotel is set in the heart of Vilnius’s old town. It is one of the best-preserved historic towns in Northern Europe and was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1994- It is an exceptional illustration of a medieval Central European town that has evolved over a period of five centuries.

For a long time our Chef (Matas Paulinas) worked in Japanese cuisine restaurants in Denmark and has also worked at a “Michelin Star" level restaurant in Monaco. Later, while living in Copenhagen, he worked in “Noma” where he became a fan of Scandinavian kitchen philosophy. His food style isacontemporary interpretation of ethnographic themes from recent history, Matas is extremely creative inside the plate.

Athena – a sculpture of 17th century greets you on the second floor. The sculpture was found during renovation without a head, the head was cut and placed next to the feet. Reborn Athena is as important as a reborn mansion.

Vilnius is the only capital in Europe you can fly above with a hot air balloon. Views of the medieval old town from above are breathtaking.

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