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London, UK
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About Inhabit

Nestled in a leafy corner of historic Paddington, you’ll find some respite from the city at Inhabit.

Staying at Inhabit is a truly restorative experience, from which guests emerge nourished, rested, and inspired.

Inhabit is much more than a hotel; it’s a community that will welcome you back, time and time again.

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Meet the Interior Designers

At Inhabit wellbeing and sustainable design was at the core of everything, with the aim for guests to leave feeling lighter, more free and inspired by taking the pace of life down, where time is luxury.

Created by architecture firm Holland and Harvey with interiors by Peter Marino cohort Caitlin Henderson Design, Inhabit was designed with busy travellers in mind. The tables and chairs were created using materials honestly and in their natural state, all sealed with natural sealant to best showcase this feature.

Curated by Caitlin Henderson, furnishings by Hans Wegner, Austrian Design Collective EEOS for Carl Hansen & Son, and GamFratesi for Gubi are placed
side-by-side with sustainable pieces made by Burmese craftspeople. To sit alongside these, the floor is fired earth.


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A new wellness and sustainability led hospitality concept at a fresh urban hotel.

Reset, Relax and Rebalance with calming rooms, art-adorned spaces, nourishing food and healthy activities.

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