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Cretan Malia

Crete, Greece
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About Cretan Malia

Cretan Malia  uses traditional materials, textures, and colors of Crete, as well as curious indigenous objects to curate a warm atmosphere. Walnut, chestnut, and bamboo combine with rattan, ceramic, stone, and brass to create a palette of wood tones, mustard yellow, copper-red, blue, green, and orange that imparts a relaxed, boho mood in the bright, airy rooms. Murals artistically bring the nature of Crete inside the living spaces and serve as main focal points for the interior design.

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Meet the Interior Designer

Thanks to the work of Vana Pernari Architecture Studio, a cool look and an eco-friendly ethos characterise this Design hotel overlooking a rock-strewn strip of coastline near Malia port. The wild Cretan, and in specific Malian flora, with palm trees, Indian figs and local banana trees, are part of beautiful exotic Mediterranean gardens which remain until today a strong reference point and a source of inspiration for its architecture and style.

A sinuous river pool is framed by lush gardens, and light-filled suites and bungalows are packed with natural wood textures, earthy tones and indoor plants and contrast with polished copper and geometric tiles.

The hotel’s décor is chic and quirky: think custom-made tiles; black worktops and rattan furniture; bamboo, gingko leaves and other plant motifs on walls; big mushroom-shaped lamps or hanging copper tube lighting; wraparound chairs and sofas and big, plump beds. Architectural lighting  complements these elements and creates a relaxing and intimate and memorable experience of space. The lighting’s intent is to highlight the element of nature by accentuating the plants and creating interesting patterns of foliage on the ceiling.

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A Bauhaus inflected property with a cool look and eco-friendly design

Boho-chic, family-friendly rooms with oversized macramé chandeliers, chestnut-wood daybeds and ceramics by LRNCE.

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