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Meet Carlos Couturier, Co-founder of Grupo Habita

Carlos Couturier is the “visionary” behind Grupo Habita – the famous Mexican hotel group. With an ability to sense the potential in an idea that is still a seedling, Carlos, alongside his partners, has revolutionized the concept of boutique hotels in Mexico. We sit down to talk about what makes a great hotelier, the signs to identify the next “destination” and his vision.

What, in your previous careers, has helped you become great hoteliers?


What makes a good hotel?


Are there early signs to know that a location will be the next “destination”?

Yes. It starts with word of mouth. A certain ‘crowd‘ arrives early (bohemians, creatives, visionaries). The place must be authentic, fresh, untouched.

Can you tell us about your vision in terms of interior design?

Our vision is dynamic. We follow our instincts. We like working with emerging talents in all creative fields (architecture, design, music, food, culture).

Is there a piece in one of your locations that has a special meaning to you?

Not really. Every location is special. It is ‘the whole‘ that holds the meaning.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since your first project?


What has this year changed for you and your vision for Grupo Habita?

A better understanding of nature. Of simple life. The real meaning of humility.

Can you tell us three facts about Grupo Habita people might not know about?

Three facts about Grupo Habita: We have fun. We love our jobs. We are permanent nomads.

Can you describe Circulo Mexicano in one sentence?

100% Mexican

Your favourite address for design in Mexico City/in the world?

La Laguna building in Doctor Erazo 176 Doctores, Mexico City, 06720

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