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How to layer textiles for a cosy autumn interior look

It might sound cliche, but as the days get shorter and darker in autumn, hibernating at home becomes even more appealing. And the easiest, most cost-effective way to stay cosy at home during the autumn and winter months is to layer textiles. From patterned, fluffy rugs to rich cotton or wool throws, textiles have a cosy, cuddly appeal while also helping to cement your interior design style. So, to help you create this look, we’ve shared our best tips for layering textiles below.

How to layer textiles: rugs

Layering rugs can be as simple or as ambitious as you want it to be – either place rugs nearby in the same or connected rooms, or go all out by placing contrasting or similar rugs on top of each other at different angles. When pairing rugs, a safe design option is to pair patterned rugs that share a united colour palette – like this pink patterned Moroccan rug, pink patterned geometric rug and blue and pink patterned rug – with simple rugs that favour texture over pattern. This wool patchwork rug, and this large sheepskin patchwork rug, are both cosy yet pared-back.

How to layer textiles: cosy throws

Layering throws will always feel festive at this time of the year. As well as helping you keep warm, it’ll look inviting too – especially on plain furniture pieces. Try a textured throw for extra effects, like this blue tassel throw in cotton. And when it comes to layering throws, the colour wheel is your best friend. Pick complementary yet contrasting shades. We love Anim’s multicoloured throws to pair with richer blues and greens. This beige and tabac reversible throw and deliciously soft creme throw will liven up darker shades to keep your look fun as well as festive.

How to layer textiles: pillows and accessories

Pillows and accessories are affordable and small enough to easily switch around if you tire of the look when the seasons change. So have fun with layering pillows and accessories, playing with contrasting patterns and finishes. We love the autumnal look of these fern napkins and wild rose napkins, especially on a similarly toned tablecloth. And this embroidered floral cushion looks great with different textured pieces, like this cream multicolor Walden striped lambswool pillow

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