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How to choose the perfect living room rug?

Rugs are an investment piece – they last a lifetime with the right care, and depending on their size and quality, they can have a larger price tag than your average home furnishings. That’s why choosing the right rug’s an important decision. There’s a lot to consider, from colour and material, to size and shape. Luckily, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the perfect living room rug to make sure your decision is an easier one.

Size matters

First things first, before you start shopping for your living room rug, you’ll need an idea of what size you’re looking for. If you’re using your rug to tether your furniture and unite your space, you’ll need a bigger rug, like this large handmade, multicoloured patterned rug. Make sure you measure for your rug with your furniture roughly in the right place, that way you’ll get it right first time. If your rug needs to be smaller, this narrow dark, geometric patterned rug will ensure your rug packs a style punch despite its small stature.

Use it or lose it

Next on your checklist when it comes to choosing the perfect rug? How you’re planning to use it. If your living room rug is going in a high traffic area, like under your sofa, choose a rug with a short, dense pile like this colourful, geometric patterned rug. Flatweave rugs are another durable option, while fluffier or light coloured rugs work well under lesser-used living room furniture. This red boucharouite rug will add colour as well as texture.

Colour code

Rugs are an easy way to add colour to your space without having to completely overhaul your living room. And when it comes to choosing the right rug, opposites attract. That means, use a monochrome patterned rug to temper a brighter space. While a bolder rug, like this multicolored Nomad rug-Salma, will bring energy to more pared-back spaces.

Cement your style

If you’re choosing a living room rug to emphasise your interior decor style, look for one with the classic characteristics of your chosen design trend. This monochrome patterned rug has Scandi style, thanks to its geometric pattern and muted tones. Or, for eastern-inspired living rooms, choose something with bright colours and bold patterns, like this Moroccan red patterned rug.


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