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How to Build Around Big-Ticket Furniture

As we grow older, move away from our parents’ places and start to not just live on our own but actually create homes, we find ourselves really investing in quality, big-ticket furniture pieces. Where we used to scoop up that free, pilling sofa on Facebook Marketplace or scrimp on that IKEA dining table, we’re getting to that age, to that stage in life where we are willing to save up for something we are obsessed with. Because these days, we’re buying for life.

One, two tricks:

Though we obviously love this interior design long game, it does require serious thought and some saving on other fronts. We don’t like to think of it as cutting corners; we prefer to look at it as mixing and matching to achieve that enviable, organic high-low balance. An expensive piece of furniture, a thrifty accessory. And when you do it right, it looks pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves.

So, how do you do it? Here are our top tips for building around:

An amazing dining table:

With a piece like La Maison’s variegated marble Vendome Dining Table in the house, you almost don’t need any other furniture. Even Marie Kondo could never get rid of it. Because the table is so arresting, we like to go simple when it comes to dining chairs (you can always get cute bistro dining chairs relatively affordably at auctions and antique shops) and dishware. We know when to let a star be a star.

A killer sofa:

Ever since COVID hit, our sofas have become so much more than a place to zone out in front of Netflix on Sunday evenings. A good sofa will last years if cared for properly, so if you’re liquid enough, we highly recommend springing for something really special. Cushion the blow to your wallet with cheap and cheerful pillows in washed linen from H&M home.

A dreamy bed:

On average, we all spend about a third of our lives asleep, so if there was ever a spot to invest, we’d say your bed was a pretty good bet. Good sleep starts with a good mattress, so we suggest going for quality and adaptability. Cocomat makes lovely, simple bedframes and the most delicious sleep systems around. And our secret tip for spreading the budget a bit? IKEA. They make amazing and affordable down and feather duvets and pillows, so you can rest easy even with a purchase as big as this.

A craveable coffee table:

If you’re someone who gets their energy from styling the perfect coffee table or snapping a pic of your morning matcha, then your first big purchase will probably be a gorgeous coffee table. We love Inhabit’s Pause Coffee Table because although it’s unique, it goes with just about every décor style, so even if you overhaul your living room or tote the table with you after a breakup, it will fit in in any space. A favourite, dog-eared novel and some tea lights from the supermarket are all you need to make this piece your own.

An AD-worthy armchair:

A spectacular seat like Sesann’s armchair is a perfect way to dip your toes in the water of high-brow (and high price!) design. Its undulating curves practically demand you lounge and near infinite colour and fabric choices mean you can really make it your own. A repurposed stool from a second-hand shop or a few stacked boxes from your last Matches Fashion orders make the perfect, inexpensive side table for your perfect fancy chair.

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