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Exclusive Collaboration with Anissa Kermiche

It’s been months, fourteen to be precise since we first started working in collaboration with the talented Anissa Kermiche on transforming her famous Popotin into a collection of cheeky ...

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How It’s Made: Guayaba Studio

Cristina Morgan and Alicia Esquinas have many things in common. But their greatest shared passion? Aesthetics. The duo behind Guayaba Studio have ...

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How It’s Made: Feldspar Feldspar

After moving to Devon seven years ago, Cath and Jeremy Brown did something unexpected – they bought a pottery wheel. Though the pair had always ...

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5 Shops to Visit During London Design Week

No matter the time of day, no matter the season, London is always a good idea. But for all you design fiends out there, there’s no better time to ...

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How Goldfinger is Saving the Planet Goldfinger

Sustainability is a hot topic these days, and rightly so. With our climate in crisis, it’s essential we all pull together where we can to make a ...

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Meet the Maker: Milly Simmonds

Some things just seem to come naturally for some people. Good taste is one of those things for the brilliant maker behind Olive & Co, Milly ...

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How to Organise like Marie Kondo

It’s 2022, y’all, and by now, pretty much all of us has entertained our very own Marie Kondo fantasy. Nothing untoward here! What we mean is good ...

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Hot Tips for Cooling Down

The Merrymen had it right when they sang on and on about feeling ‘hot, hot, hot’, don’t you think? This summer has been an absolute scorcher, ...

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Our Bank Holiday Hit-List

We’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news, no? The August bank holiday is just around the corner, and that means vacation, ...

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Meet The Maker:  Sami Lamaa, Chetzeron Chetzeron

Set atop staggering Alpine peaks, Chetzeron is a wonder of silence, sleek design and sublime views. The team behind one of our very favourite hotels ...

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How to Move Like a Pro

After poking around on the internet for little more than a minute or two, we started to see a trend. People, for whatever self-flagellating reason, ...

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Cool Hotels to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and it’s hot! hot! hot! We’re soaking up the sun and sweating like there’s no tomorrow. And without air conditioning for most ...

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The Popotin Glass Collection Anissa Kermiche

Together with the talented Anissa Kermiche, Maison Flâneur is thrilled to present a collection of delicate, sculpted glasses. This cheeky ...

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Minimising the TV La Maison

It’s 2022, and let’s face it. We’re addicted to technology, and pretty much everyone one of us has a tv at home. Whether it’s a big, hulking ...

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Interior Gifts Dad Will Love La Maison

Life is a whirlwind. We get caught up in our lives, our jobs, our friends. Sometimes we can forget about some of the people most important to us: our ...

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How to make a Pimm’s fit for the Jubilee La Maison

Sunny days and a full 96 hours outside of the office. It could only mean one thing and one thing only: Pimm’s, Pimm’s, Pimm’s. Whether you’re ...

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