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Flân’ Club: Dexamenes, Greece

Situated on Kourouta beach near the town of Amaliada, the Dexamenes hotel is an ideal outpost for sun-seeking and exploring the region’s offerings, which includes an abundance of wineries. We suggest you read the story of how this hotel came to be, then you should go and see it for yourself. It’s a real Flâneur’s paradise we promise.

“Inside an abandoned wine factory set directly on the sea, the property offers guests the singular hospitality experience of sleeping inside old wine tanks from the 1920s, which have now been minimally reanimated with steel, engineered glass, timber, and a clean-lined aesthetic. Many of the wine tanks also boast a private patio under a canopy, while a bar-lounge, a taverna, a history room, and a boutique “Bakaliko” store selling local produce all bring the location to the forefront. Taking guests from this post-industrial concrete landscape to the sands of Kourouta beach is a wide promenade that seems to float above the sand.” Explains Design Hotels.


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