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Festive furnishing: how to style red and green for the holidays

Apart from Santa himself, you can’t get much more festive than the aesthetic combination of red and green. So when it comes to making your house more merry, and decorating for the holidays, adding red and green is a great idea. But while a rich forest green and deep burgundy are the perfect pairing, pairing them with your existing interior decor style can be tricky. In the third of our festive furnishing series, we’re taking a look at how to style red and green for the holidays, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to smash this seasonal trend.

Make it metallic

If you want to go big (at home) this festive season, balancing the dark shades of red and green with rich, brightening metallics is a holiday decorating must. It makes for a traditional, luxe and cosy look – and says Christmas loud and proud, while avoiding things getting too dark. This small green marble and gold dish will make your holiday parties a Christmas hit, while a tall green and gold vase is a striking centrepiece. To really set the mood, consider switching out your usual table lamp for this red and brass industrial table lamp.

Go bright and white

To make a more subtle statement, using pops of white to tone down the richness of red and green allows your home to nod to the season while staying modern and fresh. Plus, when the festive period is over, your red and white – or red and green – furnishings and accessories won’t look out of place. This green and white abstract vase is cool and statement-making, while a red and white Moroccan throw has festive form as well as function. If you’re having guests to town, consider adding these red and white tea cups to your collection, too.

Stick to accessories

If your red and green decor is only intended to last the season, be sure to stick to smaller home accessories when styling your interior for Christmas. It’s much more cost effective, the pieces are easier to store, and they can be easily switched up once Santa’s no longer in town. When decorating for the holidays, an abstract burgundy vase is a great addition. As are green candlesticks, or a well-chosen and festive red cotton throw. Though once your Christmas tree’s been tidied away, they make great year-round accessories too.

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