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Quintessence Paris

Valentine Pozzo di Borgo, descendant of the House of Givaudan, received the love of perfume as her inheritance. Her childhood memories are all associated with a specific perfume: the vials in her grandfather’s laboratory, the Wednesday afternoons spent at her mother’s perfume shop, the long walks in the Alps, and the Corsican maquis… When she creates olfactory universes, Valentine Pozzo di Borgo perpetuates this family tradition: she collaborates daily with her mother, Sandrine Givaudan, and the “noses” trained by her grandfather. Like families of painters or musicians, the trade secrets are passed on from generation to generation through delicate alchemy. In 2008, she founded a House of creations for scented candles. 

Quintessence brings together in a Hôtel Particulier, the finest scents that make the heart of Paris beats. Its collection of scented products celebrates the French “art de Vivre”, and blends with refinement essences of the highest quality. All the French-made scents symbolize with panache and distinction, the exotic atmosphere of exceptional moments.

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Object of Desire: Perfumer, Quintessence Paris, France Quintessence Paris

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We couldn’t wait for you to meet Valentine Pozzo di Borgo. The Parisian perfumer and dynamic entrepreneur inherited her love of perfume. Xavier ...

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