Formaminima - Maison Flâneur


Trieste, Italy
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Characterised by fine detailing and stunning natural materials, each piece in the Formaminima collection represents an innovative aesthetic inspired by two outstanding periods in Italian art: Renaissance and Baroque. The result: a poetic juncture between sleek contemporary design and ancient knowledge, bringing the best of Italian artistry to the modern home.

Formaminima’s  journey started from a compelling exploration of tradition and artisanal mastery, and the charming and precise creativity signifying the finest Italian craftsmanship.
Each Formaminima creation is crafted in those same places where the know-how is handed down and thoroughly kept for generations. Carefully selected workshops, ateliers, and studios have become their partners in the creation of every piece, merging sought-after materials, passion, re-visited production processes, and an innovative aesthetic.

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