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CURIO glassware is a celebration of the true art form of free-blown glass and its relationship with nature. Each piece is designed by Olivia Thorpe and singularly handblown in the United Kingdom, allowing the glass to move freely and organically, all the better to mirror the natural elements that inspire each design. Each piece is totally unique and should be admired as much for its sculptural form as for its function.

CURIO uniquely celebrates local artisans and developing talent, working exclusively with some of the world’s leading glassblowers – experts who have honed their skills over years of painstaking dedication to the art.

CURIO’s distinctly modern feel emanates from the way that each design takes on a different form, depending on light and position. Layered speckles, translucency and bold colour gradations play with light and form in the same fascinating and joyful way that nature does.

As seen inFlâneur Magazine

Olivia Thorpe, Founder of Vanderohe Curio, London Curio

Olivia Thorpe is the wonderful founder of Vanderohe a best-selling British skincare brand. A skincare brand on Maison Flâneur you may ask? Well, not ...

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