A Flâneur’s Flat in Shoreditch, London - Maison Flâneur
The Flâneurs

A Flâneur’s Flat in Shoreditch, London

Step into our Flâneur’s flat. Discover the object we’ve gathered from our trips around the world.

Photos by Billal Taright.

“A simple table setting is a beautiful way to make your day that little bit better. Find your basics: a table mat, a napkin, cutleries, and plates. Then little add ons: Little bud vases, a candle holder, a water jug. It makes such a difference. Like making your bed in the morning. It’s a way of loving yourself. ” 

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“We’ve shopped a lot of vintage pieces for my home on Instagram. From a Barge Owl from @ayreandco, my bench from @Anemone_interiors, my Art Deco decanter from @eclectiquette, each element feeling like a “treasure” found. What is not vintage I found on Maison Flâneur: The lampshade made from my friend Alice Palmer, and these incredibly sweet ceramic candle holders from Joanna Ling… From the hotels we work with, to the brands we’ve discovered along the way, we created a personal and intimate bond with. My home is just filled with memories even if we just moved in.”

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“I love that idea that we are surrounded by items that have meaning. My tiny legos (me, a geek?), a beautiful old edition of the Leopard, drawings from French poet Jean Cocteau, an etching of my favourite pub in London. I found the bedspread on Etsy and it came straight from Mexico. My treat this year has been to buy flowers. I’ve filled all my beautiful Carolina Irving and Daughters with buds and it’s always a hit.”


“In the Bathroom, I’m a total Frenchie. I love pharmacy products. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve added some extra love to my daily routine. Irene Forte’s beautiful product felt like I was bringing a hotel-spa-like experience at home. I cannot recommend more. On and these teacups are from The Pigalle Hotel pop-up with Semaine in 2018. I fell in love with Luke Edward Hall’s turtle immediately. I’ve had an obsession with turtles since I was a child – But that is a story for another day.”  


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