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5 feng shui tips for creating a productive and calming home

Now more than ever, ensuring our home is a sanctuary – and not somewhere we feel overwhelmed or stressed – is really important. A calming home can improve our mood, our outlook and our overall wellbeing – while also being a more inviting and welcoming space, and somewhere you actually want to spend time. Feng shui is the art of harmonising your energy with your surroundings – creating changes in your home to positively impact your day-to-day life and mood. Which makes adopting feng shui principles a tangible, proactive way to introduce a more calming feel to your home. We’ve gathered our 5 top feng shui tips for creating a productive and calming space – all easily achievable, cost-effective and guaranteed to boost your inner calm.


Add plants to your home office or workspace

Plants are living organisms (most of the time!), and are known for their healing properties: they purify your air and bring life into your home. They also create a connection to nature – important when your access to the outdoors is limited. In Feng Shui, plants symbolise growth – physically and spiritually. So adding plants to your home office, according to feng shui, will harness this growth energy to create a space conducive to career progression and goal achievement. Try lining smaller planters near your window – or on light-bathed shelves – or placing a large planter near your desk, for maximum life and style impact.

Arrange your bedroom for better sleep

According to feng shui, if you want to increase the quality of your sleep, you should place your bed near a main wall for good feng shui. A bed near a window is considered bad feng shui, as energy flows out of windows – and you want to keep that good energy nearby while you sleep. But if your main wall joins a bathroom or houses pipework, this might not be the best solution – pipes also drain away energy (and can be noisy!). Colours to increase good energy include pink, so add a few muted pink accessories to your bedroom to harness this power and turn it into quality sleep. And avoid loud colours, a varied colour palette, and busy artwork – this chaotic energy is said to throw your feng shui out of balance and create unrest.

Hang art that reflects your personality

Creating an emotional connection to your home is key when it comes to harnessing good feng shui in your living space – you’ll be more productive and feel much calmer when your home has good feng shui. An easy way to create a connection is to invest in objects you feel a personal alignment with, like artwork that represents your interests or personality. Try and keep the colours muted to avoid creating a more chaotic feeling. Or, if you’re feeling creative, try creating your own artwork – personal connection guaranteed.

Add wooden furniture to your bathroom

Wood is a grounding material. And because bathrooms are where water flows – said to drain energy away and block good chi – adding wood to your bathroom is a great way to balance out the effect of water and create a more calming bathroom space. Wooden shelving or a wooden vanity unit are practical choices for creating good feng shui in your bathroom. And be sure to add candles and mirrors too to create an abundance of light, and a more uplifting space.

Use mirrors and lights in darker spaces

A lot of feng shui principles are based around offsetting negative energy with positive energy – using opposite forces to create your desired effect. To create a calming and productive home through feng shui principles, add mirrors and lighting to any darker space. Light has a positive effect on our mood and wellbeing, as it’s an energy that facilitates growth and weightlessness. Candles, wall mirrors and wall lamps are therefore all effective ways of lifting up a dark space like a small home office or bedroom, to create a space that boosts your energy – rather than draining it.

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