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Gagliano del Capo, Italy

Palazzo Daniele

Palazzo Daniele

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With a property like Palazzo Daniele, an aristocratic palazzo with such history and timeless presence here in Salento, there needs to be an artful nuance – a harmony – between the building’s 158-year-old past and its future as a hotel for the guests of today, creating a sense of “contemporary nostalgia”. We deviate from the term “hotel” as we feel it does not encapsulate all that our property has to offer.

At both Palazzo Daniele and G-Rough, we actually give guests a map of “the owner’s tips”- a guide to neighboring restaurants, wineries, and shops that share a similar vision to ours. Gagliano del Capo, one of the many villages in the province of Salento, offers an endless journey of discovery.

The grand shower of the Royal Junior Suite, made by the Italian artist Andrea Sala, of course. A living art installation in which a rain shower falls from a 6-meter-high ceiling onto a basin; a perfect example of how art can become functional.

The front and back access to the grand kitchen is very special: we reopened an old arcade which was walled at the beginning of the 20th century and created a concrete stair that leads to the pool area. All the steps are within the wall width, thus creating a special perspective of different lines.

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