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  1. Habitat Placemat in Beige
  2. Habitat Placemat in Orange
  3. Habitat Placemat in Grey
  4. Habitat Placemat in Off White
  5. Habitat Placemat in Brown
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  8. Hand Towel with Grey Borders
  9. Margot Placemat in Beige
  10. Margot Coaster Set in Brown with Beige Trim
  11. Habitat Coaster Set in Grey
  12. Margot Coaster Set in Beige
  13. Sold Out
  14. Hand Towel with Beige Borders
  15. Margot Coaster Set in Grey
  16. Habitat Coaster Set in Off White
  17. Garcia Striped Coaster Set in Brown
  18. Habitat Coaster in Brown
  19. Habitat Coaster in Beige
  20. Tabia Placemat in Cream


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