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California, USA

Twelve Senses Retreat

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One thing very close to my heart is that we have to take care of the Earth. The hotel is me being true to myself, as it is natural and sustainable. I have created a kind of mindful minimalism.

Encinitas has plenty of celebrity chef restaurants, vegan cuisine, for foodies, as well as micro Kombucha and beer breweries and wineries. The farmers market is also a foodie’s dream where one can explore endless culinary innovation, including vegan cuisine.

My Bali hut. I ordered it online and it came from Indonesia as a kit. It took a few weeks to assemble. I moved my office into the Bali hut! It’s still there.

Encinitas used to be a very sleepy and quiet beach town. But it has transformed in the last five years with new restaurants and pop-ups. Twelve Senses is close to downtown, and the beaches are close too.

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