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The Greek Island Edit by Boutique

Using the same handpicked approach to their edit of homes and small hotels, the team at Boutique has curated this selection of homewares and objects inspired by traditional Greek island design and the properties in their collection. Each piece evokes the cool simplicity of life on the islands and the whitewashed interiors of the villas dotted throughout the Aegean. The collection is filled with objects that connect to Greece’s rich craft traditions in ceramics, textiles and metalwork—marrying contemporary style with a sense of authenticity. 

Explore Boutique's collection of homes and small hotels in the Greek islands.

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  1. Anthologist Ceramic Water Jug Red Clay
  2. Coral Mix Plate (Set of 4)
  3. Small Blue / White Limited Edition Bowl
  4. Anthologist Ceramic Bud Vase Red Clay, Psari


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