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Meet the Makers

Meet the Maker: Marits Roberts, Old Flame Club, London

Handsome Marits Roberts is the creative mind behind The Old Flame Club, a small venture selling hand-painted, natural soy wax scented candles. Developed during quarantine the witty and colourful candles are the small statement pieces our homes needed. From wax, to wick, to words – it’s the ultimate bespoke gift for a loved one – and just in time for Valentine’s day. We sit down to discuss Marits’ hoarding habits, his tips on building a business in COVID and what kept the fire burning throughout.

Could you tell us three things about you? 

I’m an unashamed car boot sale enthusiast and a world-class hoarder, much to my girlfriend’s dismay.

I’m half English, half Dutch and born in Hong Kong.

I worked 7 years for the British Fashion Council before setting up my own Brand Consultancy Business and now, this candle company.

What is the story behind the Old Flame Club? 
Summer 2020, London is in Lockdown and I’m bored as hell.
It all started with finding old plant pots and ceramics from around the house (I’m a hoarder remember) and refilling them with soy wax and essential oils. With a little help from YouTube and some acrylic pens, I was breathing new life into old flames and sharing it with my friends on Instagram. Momentum gathered and before I knew it, I was running a mini candle factory from my kitchen. It got to the point where I was finding soy wax all over the place. Seizing any chance to leave the flat, I loved hand-delivering them on my bike all summer, which also meant I was catching up with long-lost friends who’d become new-found customers. Like many of us this year, we’ve been forced to re-think, re-invent and then repeat with every lockdown! That’s basically how The Old Flame Club has continued to this point.  With a love for fragrance and doodling, married with my background in marketing, I applied the laws of personalisation to the ubiquitous world of luxury candles.  Freedom of expression, humour, intoxicating fragrance and conscious consumption are the pillars of my brand and I hope to continue building it, whether we’re in lockdown or not!

Let’s keep those home fires burning!

Can you tell us about the different scents?
Each fragrance we’ve developed serves a purpose, beyond just smelling good. Whether that’s combatting stress, promoting a good night’s sleep, aiding concentration or just partying hard through the night, we have a candle for it.
We use a completely natural soy wax and blend our own fragrances from unique essential oils.

What’s your favourite pick up line? 
I’m a bit out of practise here, but I reckon a “Blow Me” candle from The Old Flame Club would work nicely 😉

Setting up a business in confinement, could you share three tips? 
Nope! It’s a bloody nightmare. 

Any wishes for 2021?
For my sense of smell to fully return after Covid. Until then, there’ll be some very strongly scented candles coming out the workshop! 

Private: Be my Quarantine

Private: Be my Quarantine

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Poured and produced by hand in East London, bespoke candle maker Old Flame Club uses natural soy wax scented in a range of intoxicating signature fragrances. This range features 8 limited edition hand-embroidered appliqué badges to bring a vibrant pop of colour to your home.

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