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The Art of Hosting

The ultimate how-to guide on being the host with the most

Don’t invite last-minute

Do craft the perfect invitation

Whether it’s a hand-written card, a witty voice note or a personalised e-vite, crafting the perfect invitation for your prospective guests sets the right tone for your event. Don’t forget to include an RSVP, too!

Don’t use single-use

Do pay attention to the napkins

It may seem like an insignificant detail, but paying attention to napkins will make a big impact on the overall tone of your event, and instantly make a table look more sophisticated. Cloth napkins are both a smarter and a more sustainable option; plus, you can inject personality with touches like embroidery and patterns. If you want to go all out, make sure to provide cocktail napkins for canapés and nibbles.

Don’t limit attention to the table

Do invest in great bathroom decor

Aside from your primary entertaining space, the bathroom is likely to be the second most frequented, so don’t neglect the decor. Go beyond cleaning with personalised touches, soft lighting and amenities; scented soap, candles, flowers and plush towels are the bare necessities as far as we’re concerned.

Don’t stress in the kitchen

Do connect with your guests

Your guests RSVP’d yes because they want to spend time with you, so make sure to be present; if you’re stressed or distracted, everyone else will feel it too. Connect with your guests, make sure to make time to chat with each one individually, anticipate their needs, and importantly relax.

Don’t use white lighting

Do set the mood with lighting

Casual kitchen supper or formal dinner party, no matter the occasion you’re hosting, lighting is an important element you should never overlook. Low lighting, candles and differing levels create a cosy ambience and add interest to your space. We particularly like novelty pieces that spark conversation.

Don’t complicate things with a fancy new recipe

Do serve a signature cocktail

Is there anything more chic than having a signature cocktail for guests when they come over? We think not. Decide on a drink that best suits the occasion and your personality then stock up on ingredients and get practising. With any luck, your guests will want to come over just to enjoy a tipple.


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