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How patterned rugs can change your entire room?

If you still think ‘grandma’s house’ when you think patterned rugs, think again. Red floral rugs might still have their place, but as patterned rugs gain popularity, there are lots more to choose from. And while adding a patterned rug to your interior decor might feel like a bold move – and one that’s easy to avoid for that reason – thanks to their size and eye-catching aesthetic, they’re a powerful decor tool that can instantly refresh your space. From adding warmth to dividing your room effectively and making it more liveable day-to-day, here’s how patterned rugs can change your entire room, plus our tips for picking the perfect patterned rug.

Make your room cosy with a patterned rug

Adding a well-chosen rug to a large, pared-back room is an easy way to add texture and warmth – and a patterned rug is no exception. While all textiles bring cosy comfort, a patterned rug is a smarter choice, especially in bigger spaces. If your room’s big, pick something with a bolder pattern, sticking to simpler shades that will stop your new rug from overpowering your space. A patterned rug or runner in a hallway, with a pattern that draws your eye down its length, allows you to add an inviting appeal to a narrow hall, without taking up precious space. And the fluffier the patterned rug, like this red boucharouite rug, the cosier your chosen room will feel. Just be sure to consider how much traffic passes through the room each day – high-traffic areas are best suited to flat-weave styles, or rugs with a short, dense pile, like this colourful, geometric patterned rug.

Segment an open-plan room with a patterned rug

Open-plan rooms make ideal spaces to entertain family and friends. But without the right furniture and interior decor style, they can feel cold and unwelcoming. Adding a large patterned rug serves to divide up your space into distinct parts – a grey patterned rug under a sofa clearly distinguishes your sitting space from your eating space, while a monochrome patterned rug under your dining set will make sure that guests over for dinner know where to be, also creating an intimacy at the table that isn’t always possible in boundary-less, open-plan rooms.

Add colour with a patterned rug

Pink walls or an orange sofa can feel like a big risk, even for the biggest colour connoisseurs. But patterned rugs are a great way to introduce a bolder colour palette: a red patterned rug under a pale grey sofa will add interest to your staple furniture piece, without you making a major investment in a red sofa suite that you’ll be stuck with for years to come. And because there’s lots of patterned rugs to choose from, you can add your chosen colour even more subtly – pick a patterned rug that has a neutral background shade to test the tonal waters. Because they’re on ground level, unlike statement walls and furniture, they’re much easier to live with.

Make a statement with a patterned rug

Patterned rugs aren’t only for plain interiors. If you’ve got a preference for pattern, and want to create a dramatic interior decor look, pattern-on-pattern, or tone-on-tone, are both quick wins. Place a handmade, multicoloured patterned rug under a jewel-toned sofa for a contemporary interior style. Or combine a dark, geometric patterned rug with a mosaic side table or chest of drawers to create a colourfully curated space.



Change your interior decor with a patterned rug

If you’re bored of your interior decor style, or your tastes have changed, a patterned rug can switch up your style in a way that’s affordable and impactful. Pick a Moroccan style patterned rug to add instant Middle Eastern flair to any room, no matter its current design style. Or quickly give a pared-back room a Nordic interior decor style with the addition of a simple Scandi-look patterned rug in monochrome.

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