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Meet the Makers

Meet the Maker: Riccardo Giraudi, Restaurateur, Beefbar, Monaco

Meet Riccardo Giraudi is an innovative entrepreneur at the helm of hospitality concepts & restaurants, including Beefbar. Now open in Monaco, Rome, Paris, Mykonos, Doha, Sao Paulo, and Mexico to name a few,  Beefbar has become a real institution. We sit down with the restaurateur to discuss the meaning of Wagyu, his favourite emojis, and heated Japenese toilets.

Can you tell us the story behind Beefbar?
It began as a PR tool for my family meat company. It then grew and grew beyond our initial expectations and I began to grow the love for hospitality with this brand of mine.

Can you tell us three facts about meat that people might not know?
Marbling is what makes the beef tender.
Wagyu is actually not a breed. It actually means “Japanese Cow”
and I created the first-ever Kobe Beef Prosciutto for which I won the Wallpaper design awards a few years ago.

How do you approach the interior design in each location?
I get inspired by the setting of each location and develop the brand around it. I work with Humbert & Poyet since day one. We grew together.

Does each country have a different relation to meat?
They all believe their meat is the best !!!

What is your favourite type of meat?
The most important quality of any meat should be consistency. People tend to forget that.

Can you tell us about your partnership with Bernardaud?
I always loved to play around with Emojis and I loved contrasting these funny characters with luxury.

What Emoji do you use the most? ️


Favourite Hotel for its decoration?<
Esencia in Mexico.

Favourite Restaurant for its decoration?
My Anahi restaurant in Paris. I feel at home there.

Your favourite address for decoration?
Humbert & Poyet of course.

Have you ever wanted to bring back an object from a hotel or a restaurant? And if so which one?
Yes the heated Japanese Toilets. I don’t understand why the entire world does not use them.

Your three tips for the perfect Christmas present?
Personal, Timelastin, and Aesthetic choices. Always.

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