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You’ve been served: The Frenchie in Covent Garden, London

Gregory Marchand considers London as his second home. He has spent several long periods in the capital cooking at the Mandarin Oriental, the Savoy Grill, and the Electric House before joining Fifteen, where the kitchen nickname (given by Jamie Oliver himself) ‘Frenchie’ stuck.

What to expect at the Frenchie restaurant in Covent Garden?

The menu at Frenchie Covent Garden echoes its Parisian counterpart, referencing Greg’s experiences in kitchens across the world from Gramercy Tavern in New York to beach bars in Spain, through to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in London, underpinned by his classical French training growing up in Nantes, north west France. Using, for the most part, British-sourced ingredients, Greg’s dishes have evolved across the Channel. His simple yet inspired cuisine includes trademark techniques such as house-smoked meat and fish, vibrant seasoning and fresh flavors, which all shine through. 

What is the design like at the Frenchie restaurant?

Designed by renowned set designer Emilie Bonaventure, the two floor 60-cover restaurant achieves a contemporary yet still timeless feel. 

An integral member of the Frenchie team, Emilie’s design blends aspects from the Parisian site with new touches unique to London. The ground floor is bathed in natural light, where whitewashed walls and exposed brickwork are warmed with brass, copper and zinc accents. Making the most of an original feature, a 19th-century marble fireplace forms a natural and striking focal point on the staircase connecting both floors. A large open kitchen on the lower floor allows guests to soak up the atmosphere and drama of the kitchen. This floor can be configured for larger group dining or individual tables, with several seats at the open kitchen designed to recreate the immediacy and intimacy of Frenchie Paris. Upstairs, 17 seats at the bar are reserved for walk-ins.

See the Frenchie collection here.

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Navette Ebene Knives, Set of 6

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