You've been served: LuisaViaRoma La Terrazza by Floret, Florence, Italy - Maison Flâneur

You’ve been served: LuisaViaRoma La Terrazza by Floret, Florence, Italy

What do you get if you cross fashion, food and Florence? Alliteration, and a calming oasis in which to refuel – nourishment for both the mind and the body. 

What to expect at LuisaViaRoma La Terrazza by Floret

There’s a real move towards mindfulness in this space – a welcome surprise, given its location inside Italy’s biggest fashion concept store. Flora and fauna sprawl from every free corner, and simple wooden side tables nestle up to soft pink sofas and rattan baskets – adding to the natural, yet contemporary, look. There’s a Nordic charm to the space – the neutral-toned ceramics, organic shapes and muted palette easily conjure Scandi stillness. And once inside, you’ll forget the droves of fashion-forward shoppers prowling the racks of one of Italy’s busiest fashion stores below.

What’s on the menu at LuisaViaRoma La Terrazza by Floret

A little bit of everything, as long as it’s fresh, seasonal and full of nourishment – so whether your body aches for an acai bowl, or you need to replenish your depleted energy levels with carbs in the form of Pappa al Pomodoro, you’ll find something to sate your appetite. In fact, the owners have taken inspiration from every corner of the globe, from Fiji to Germany. It’s a great spot for brunch with friends – there’s superfood salads and even cocktails to linger over. Or, if you’re looking for total recalibration of mind, body and soul, try one of the freshly pressed, restorative juices.

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