Southam Street

London, UK
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About Southam Street

Behold Southam Street, the follow-up to the critically swoonworthy 108 Garage, set in the cosy environs of a three-storeyed former Victorian pub. Musical artist Luco Longobardi and chef Chris Denney have styled their restaurant with an industrial edge – think exposed bricks, statement lighting and working materials like marble and leather. The result is contemporary, urban, and more than cool.

The ground floor is a temple to grilling, from meat to fish to veg, while the first floor sports a raw bar with a menu boasting Nikkei-influenced numbers – so you can expect dishes like ceviche and sashimi to be making an appearance. Which is all pretty handy, since you’ll also stumble onto a dedicated sake room on this floor, or, if you’re feeling fancy, you can head up to the second floor, which is entirely taken up by a dedicated tequila and mezcal bar.

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