Pietro Nolita

New York City, US
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About Pietro Nolita

It is almost impossible that you have walked on Elizabeth street, Nolita New-York, without noticing the Italian diner; Because as it’s owner Pietro Quaglia coined it, it is: “Pink, As Fuck”.  The floors, plant pots, chairs, and even some of the food is pink (Yes, some pasta are made from beet). For the decor as a journalist correctly put it, think: 50’s Palm Springs mixed with Barbie’s dream house.

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You’ve been served: Review of Pietro NoLita, New-York Pietro Nolita

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Meet the Maker: Pietro Quaglia, Owner of Pietro NoLita, New-York Pietro Nolita

Meet Pietro Quaglia, owner of Pietro Nolita, in downtown New-York. He is as pop and colorful as the decor of his restaurant. We ask him 10 questions ...

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