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Le Pigalle

Paris, France
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About Le Pigalle

Mythical and imposing, languid and frenetic, Pigalle is a neon light in the Parisian night. The neighbourhood has always attracted bad boys and artists, musicians and adventurers. With neither a monument nor a meeting point, it lacked a spot that really reflected its tawdry values, brazen spirit and musical energy. And so, Le Pigalle was born. An authentic neighbourhood hotel, whose history was shaped by the cultural mix that swirls on the southern slopes of Montmartre.


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Meet the Interior Designers

For Le Pigalle, renowned Parisian Interior Design Firm Festen took the original building and added typical Parisian touches, such as panelled doors and white walls, moulding, woodwork and parquet flooring.

As Hugo Sauzay, one of Festen’s partners says, “If you really look close at Pigalle, we’re actually in La Nouvelle Athenes, where the architecture is less uniform than elsewhere, and we’ve taken the essence of that with details such as curved bay windows, and the cheap, veined marble that was really popular in this faubourg, where people wanted to imitate the richer districts, so we’ve used that for the basins. The terrazzo flooring on the ground floor is like the ones you find in the local bars…”

The scraped plaster dados on the ground floor are a nod to the old mines of Montmartre and just one example of how the hotel’s interior design is deeply rooted in its surroundings.

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The Rooms' neoclassical architectural style inspired artists and poets in the late nineteenth century.

All 40 rooms are decorated in the Nouvelle Athènes mode, conveying a specific image of Pigalle: historic, modern, decadent, multicultural, musical.

The rooms are simple and comfortable, full of domestic touches. Each is a collection of objects, souvenirs, music, books and second-hand furniture, with a personality all of its own.

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