108 Garage

London, UK
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  • 1899

About 108 Garage

Industrial interior style meets fantasy styling in 108 Garage, a hip restaurant serving fusion cuisine in London. As the name suggests, the space is a converted garage – evident from the exposed bricks and concrete floor. And furnishings crafted from metal, wood and leather are brightened by bold artworks and one-of-a-kind accessories.

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Meet the Maker: 3 questions to Luca Longobardi, Owner of 108 Garage, London 108 Garage

It would be preposterous to think one could resume Luca Longobardi’s life in a paragraph. For this first quick-fire interview, we will give you ...

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You’ve been served: The 108 Garage in Nothing Hill, London 108 Garage

The 108 Garage opened in January 2017. The owner, Luca Alessandro Longobardi, a financier married to a former Miss Brazil, was “ready to sail on a ...

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