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Spring cleaning: clear clutter, save space

As the saying goes, a tidy home means a tidy mind. And with Spring on its way, there’s never been a better time to freshen up – ridding yourself of the chaos of clutter and embracing Marie Kondo minimalism. It’s a sure-fire way to boost your inner calm and create a home that’s inspiring and conducive to productivity. And we’ve put together this ultimate spring cleaning guide with that in mind – tips for creating a tidy, clutter-free home for increased happiness and harmony.

The feng shui of spring cleaning

Feng shui teaches the art of aligning the energy within our home in order to feel in tune with our space. So spring cleaning and feng shui go hand in hand. If you want to increase your home’s zen through the art of feng shui, pay special attention to your windows and curtains – this is how light energy enters your home, so it’s important to keep them sparkly clean in order to keep the energy flow positive. The same goes for letting fresh air in – fresh air is thought to be purifying in feng shui, so open your windows up while you get to work to ensure your home feels fresh. If you’re feeling stuck, or like your energy is out of sync when you’re at home, try embracing movement while you spring clean – moving objects and accessories to new spaces around your rooms can help ‘unstick’ your energy. In feng shui, 27 is a sacred number – and it’s thought that moving 27 objects results in the ultimate energy transformation.

Where to start when spring cleaning

To make your spring cleaning session as successful as it can be, we recommend starting small, then going big. Look at your room and tackle the larger objects first, like shelving units and furniture surfaces. Then you can go deeper, emptying drawers and cleaning up hidden spaces we tend to avoid during weekly cleaning rituals – the gaps behind the sofa, the back of your wardrobe, etc. Having a structured plan of attack will give you the best results, while keeping your momentum up so that you don’t stop half way through. And that way, you’ll be more successful in boosting your happiness and productivity at home through spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning organisational ideas

One of the main goals of spring cleaning is to get your space more organised and functional – the key to happiness and productivity at home. So increase your home’s free space by choosing multifunctional furniture, or modular furniture pieces. Things like modular sofas and shelving units with dual purpose allow you to increase your home’s functionality without taking up extra floor space – and open space is key to feeling calm and zen. Use storage boxes for pieces you don’t need to access often, like seasonal home accessories and decor. Then choose design-led display shelves and units to show off your favourite pieces in style – things that spark inner-joy when you look at them. A great tip for organising your shelves is to store things like books and pans in size order, or colour order. Any method that creates a cohesive, less chaotic look is a great organisational idea.

Spring cleaning finishing touches

Once your home’s clean, tidy and organised, make sure you bring back the cosy ambience – in a way that isn’t cluttered. We recommend choosing freshly scented candles, large mirrors and additional lighting to embrace the season’s light and reintroduce a homely feeling into your newly minimal aesthetic.

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