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Top 5 items stolen from hotels – and some guilt-free alternatives

Travelling is one of life’s biggest pleasures. But one of life’s most guilty pleasures? ‘Stealing’ from the hotel room. While smaller things like complimentary toiletries and water can’t really be classed as stealing in the traditional sense, the more risk-taking among us are tempted to go bigger before we go home – loving hotel decor and room accessories too much to resist. We’ve scoured the listicles and have put together a list of 5 of the top items stolen from hotels – leaving out the more salacious, of course. And, to help you keep your hands to yourself on your next holiday, we’ve gathered some ‘guilt-free’ alternatives, too.


1. Books

Whether it’s from around the pool, in the lobby, or – in fancier hotels – your very own suite, there are a lot of books lying around at hotels. And we get the appeal of popping one in your bag for longer than your stay: finding a title you’ve never heard of before, easy entertainment when your phone battery dies. If you’re a serial novel nabber – and someone with a passion for healthy, mindful living – check out Happy Food by Bettina Campolucci Bordi, or Urban Jungle by Judith De Graff, instead.


2. The kettle

We must admit, when we read this one, we were shocked. It’s a bold move – after all, it’s not like a missing kettle would fly under the radar. But despite taking up a decent amount of suitcase space if you’re planning to pop it in your bag before checkout, a decent kettle is a life necessity – so in some ways, we understand where guests are coming from. While a lot of hotel kettles are uninspiring white plastic, we much prefer a classy pour over kettle, or a ceramic teapot like this gold teapot or patterned white teapot.


3. Artwork and ornaments

There’s no interior style quite like a well-styled hotel – but of course we’d say that. And the very best hotels pay attention to every little detail, including the ornaments and artworks they choose to decorate each space. But artwork can be expensive, and even one-of-a-kind – so before you pop rare pieces in your luggage, consider purchasing your own instead. We love this studded vase as a dining table centrepiece, while this rattan wall mirror and grey elephant wall hook are unusual and statement decorative accessories.


4. Cutlery 

A practical pick, and one we can relate too – cutlery just has a way of disappearing, and hotels usually have great designer cutlery that’s appealing in a magpie-like way. If you’ve got a half empty cutlery drawer, we love this gold-plated 24-piece cutlery set, this black pearl mirror cutlery set, and this set of 24 pieces of cutlery in copper.


5. Pillows and cushions (Thrillist)

It’s hard to resist a hotel pillow – they’re usually the softest, and most sumptuous, of them all. But while they’re light as goose feather, we imagine they take up quite a lot of suitcase space. So, save yourself a packing nightmare and buy your own instead. One like this striped blue cotton cushion, blue linen infinity cushion, and grey cactus silk cushion.

(Sources: & Thrillist. List in no particular order.)

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