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Time-saving interior design hacks for the shortest month of the year

It may be a leap year, but February 2020 is still, unarguably, the shortest month of the year. And with Spring having not yet sprung, and our hours of light still limited, time can feel even more scarce. So if you’re planning a home makeover in February, it’s important to maximise your time in order to ensure you hit your interior design goals. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top time-saving interior design hacks for the shortest month of the year. They’re designed to help you stay on track, and complete your projects with time to spare.


Try quick fixes


When time is of the essence, think big impact decisions and statement-setting pieces. Pieces that will change the whole look of your room with minimal time and effort. But it’s important to make sure you have a goal in mind too – if you’re transforming your modern living room into a mid-century living room, a mid-century toned and patterned rug, or a large piece of mid-century art, will go a long way. In fact, rugs and art are the quickest ways to inject colour and personality into your space, whatever your design style. This multicoloured, patterned rug is cosy and traditional, while this large black and white rug will make a room instantly more modern or industrial, depending on how its styled. Likewise, this large, pink feminine print is a quick way to bring a new colour into your space while completely uplifting its mood.

Plan your project

Arguably our most important tip is to set aside time to plan properly – mood boards, design binders, Pinterest and saved collections on Instagram are all great options. And whether you go the traditional pen and paper route, or keep your project management digital, proper planning will help save time in the long run, keep your projects on schedule and on budget, and help keep you on-task every day. Try to avoid impulse decisions, especially when time is tight, as often these are the ones we’re more likely to regret – which means extra time spent correcting these snap decisions later.


Express yourself


Sometimes the biggest interior design changes are the ones we instantly love – whether that makes a large visual impact to how guests see your home or not. Be bold when it comes to time-saving interior design hacks, and go for pieces that showcase your personal style, or pieces that have a story to tell – they’ll withstand the test of time, and can instantly transform your space into a welcoming place you’re proud of. This cheeky body-shaped burgundy vase is playful and modern, and when paired with some similarly toned vibrant art, will pack a huge design punch. While this colourful patterned rug is handwoven by Berber artisans using recycled wool and cotton – a unique piece, and one that’ll set your space apart quickly.

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