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The Ultimate Post-COVID Bucket List

Whew! We made it. Well, just about anyway. We are finally starting to see the light at the end of this long, long Corona tunnel. We’re getting ready to park armchair travel in favor of real, good old-fashioned jet-setting.

Sure, we won’t be zipping across the Atlantic for a weekend anymore, but that doesn’t mean travel won’t be as magical and marvelous as ever. In fact, the pandemic has served to make us more deliberate in the way we travel. We’re not wasting those precious vacation days or hard-earned salaries on underwhelming vacays.

When it’s time to travel, we’re doing it right. We’ll be religiously consulting our Post-COVID Bucket List to hit the coolest spots, to book into the dreamiest hotels. So, dust off those passports and pull up Skyscanner. Let’s hit the road.

1. Paros: Crystal clear waters. Ouzo flowing like water. Mamma Mia! What more could we ask for after a year more or less spent indoors? We’re planning to settle in at one of the gorgeous suites at Paros’s Parilio and soak up all the island has to offer. We’ll enjoy sunset tipples at Katro Art Lounge Bistrot and sunrise coffees at Kolympithres Beach, working on our tans all the while.


photo credit @elinaa_mp

2. Paris: We don’t know about you, but we’ve been dreaming of wandering the streets of Paris, stumbling into intimate bistros, and falling in love with the city as readily as every passing handsome stranger. And where will stow our suitcases? Why, Le Pigalle, of course. This place has serious sex appeal. When we’re not snuffling their croissants, we’ll be dining at Septime or ogling the latest exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo.


3. The Faroe Islands: A long-reigning item on our must-visit list, the Faroe Islands are calling us as much as ever. We’re simply dying to dine at Koks and explore the fjords. And let’s not forget about the adorable puffins in Vagar. We think that they’re about to become the new Iceland, so we’re going there as soon as we can.


4. Lamu: If you spend even a few minutes poking around for images of Lamu on Instagram, we’re sure you’ll be adding it to your bucket list too. This idyllic Kenyan island is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We’ll be resting our weary heads at Forodhani House or the Peponi Hotel. Honestly, we don’t really mind, as long as we’re there. 


5. Tokyo: Though this may be more of a pipe dream at the moment, we are just dying to head to Tokyo for some serious eating. We’ve spent far too many hours during lockdown drooling over soba from Kyourakutei, tempura at Tenko and yakitori at Torishiki. We’ll be booking a room at Trunk Hotel for our adventures – the perfect place to dream of sushi.


6. Siwa: Another truly magical spot, Siwa is somewhere we’ve had our eyes on for years. This Egyptian oasis is a bit of a trek to get to, but we are certain it’s worth it. Anyone who stays at Adrere Amellal will be transported to another time. Who’s coming with me? 


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