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The ultimate guide to sustainable furniture

Living sustainably isn’t just about what we eat and what we wear, it applies to all aspects of how we live. In fact, buying sustainable furniture can have a huge impact on your environmental footprint. When looking for sustainable furniture, there’s a few things to bear in mind. And we’ve compiled them all here, in our ultimate guide to sustainable furniture.

Handmade furniture

The mass production of furniture leaves a heavy footprint, from the energy used to operate machinery, to the mass-shipping of cheap materials from across the globe in order to bring costs down. So if you’re looking to bedeck your home in sustainable furniture, we recommend looking for handmade furniture and accessories. Because they’re individually made, without excess energy consumption, they’re much more environmentally conscious. Plus, they’ll last longer thanks to their increased quality, meaning less waste in the long run. This handmade Moroccan armchair is woven by artisans, and this intricate Moroccan tiled side table set is hand-carved. Meaning they’ll add a story, as well as style, to your home.

One-off pieces

Designer furniture, and pieces created as a one-off, are both sustainable furniture staples. They’re usually handmade (meaning less energy consumption by machinery), and because they’re one-of-a-kind, you’ll avoid the waste and emissions associated with shipping the lowest cost materials across the world to bulk manufacture pieces for the cheapest price. Visit local flea markets or craft markets to find your perfect one-off furniture pieces.

Vintage furniture

Lots of people shop vintage furniture because it suits their style, but because of its waste reducing nature, vintage furniture is the more sustainable furniture choice too. Unless it’s recycled, unwanted furniture ends up in landfills, or burnt — producing waste gases. So by picking pieces that others no longer want, you’ll be getting a unique decor look at a more affordable price, while also helping protect the planet.


Natural materials

The over-production of synthetic materials is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to global pollution. So when shopping for sustainable furniture, pay attention to what it’s made of. Look for 100% organic cotton or wool, like this natural cotton striped cushion and natural wool rug. Similarly, rather than man-made materials like many of the cheaper metals, choose larger pieces made from wood or natural weave. This rattan loveseat ticks both the sustainable furniture and style boxes, while these beechwood dining chairs are cool and eco-conscious.


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