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The Ultimate Christmas 2022 Gift List

This year has absolutely flown by. Really, where did the time go? And with December inching ever closer, we’ve got one thing and one thing only on our minds – Christmas gifts. Whether you like to go big with carols and decorations from the day after Halloween or keep things minimal with a twinkle light or two, we are sure you’ve got a few loved ones in need of the perfect present.

While you could certainly do a last-minute haul on Christmas Eve or snag gift cards for your favourite office pals, we know you’re a little more discerning than that. As our fellow Flâneurs, you are probably gearing up for your very own never-boring Christmas. Beautiful tablescapes. Tasteful décor. And, of course, unique, covetable gifts for friends and family far and wide.

So, let’s make those lists and check them twice. Because it’s time for a very Flâneur Christmas!

For the smoking hot smoker

Or the friend with a fireplace. Or even your sister who just loves candles. Dada Daily’s charming ceramic match striker is cool, playful and truly unique. Why give a dull gift when you can give something that makes the everyday decadent?

For the wellness aficionado

Hydration is key to a healthy life. But why shouldn’t staying well-watered be chic as well as good for you? Our Maison Flâneur x Anissa Kermiche Tit for Tat bundle – complete with our curvy carafe and two cheeky glasses – is the perfect gift to help your bestie stay hydrated. And if they use it for cocktails instead of water? Well, that’s pretty genius we have to admit.

For the budding florist

Even in the dead of winter – hello, Christmas – we can’t get enough of fresh flowers in the home. They just bring joy and energy into a space. Give your beloved green thumbs something they’ll be able to put to flourishing use on a regular basis – a delicate, timeless Feldspar vase. This sleek, subtle piece is made from bone china, so it’ll last them a lifetime.

For the constant gardener

Or at least the ones who wish they had a garden! La Galine’s charming set of handmade ceramic mini vegetables is almost too cute. The delicate colouring and painterly forms save them from being overly twee; you can see the skill that’s gone into them. Veggie-loving interiors fans will rejoice when they unwrap their very own tiny pepper, radish, asparagus, carrot onion and sweet pea. The only thing left is to decide where in the home to plant them.

For the colour-crazed

Each and every one of the Mattina Moderna lamps in our collection are irresistible, but the swirling, candy colours of the Caramella Purple & Rose Quartz Table Lamp are really too good to be true. This hand-crafted piece is a riot of colours and shapes that will appeal to the pal whose motto is ‘anything but black is the new black’. Colour us interested!

For the serious collector

Stamps. Baseball cards. Antiques. Whatever their flavour, get them started on a new collection with a set of plates (mix and match for extra fun!) from The Platera. We love the idea of getting one of each of the sweet hand-painted butterfly plates and then throwing in a few wild cards with a cactus or two. Once you get them rolling, we’re sure they’ll be adding to their collection for years to come.

For the stellar hostess

We all have that friend who makes dinner parties for 20 seem like a walk in the park. Up the ante on your Christmas dinner hostess gift with a stunning, hand-embroidered tablecloth. The surrealist dreamscape crafted by artisans in Cairo will put just about any old bottle of wine to shame. This is a gift she’ll cherish for years to come.

For the earth lover

Christmas can often feel very commercial, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. We love special, quality gifts and décor that truly stand the test of time. Make the environmentalists in your life extra happy with a gift that is not merely beautiful but also eco-friendly. Goldfinger’s Vale Lounge Chair, like all of their furniture, is crafted by hand from sustainably sourced timber. The wood comes only from trees felled by weather-related incidents or cleared for conscious urban development. The GPS coordinates of the tree’s original location are stamped on the chair’s underside, so your eco warrior can enjoy its origin story as they enjoy the chair.

For the good-lighting fiend

Anyone who’s even the least bit into interiors knows just how important good lighting is. It makes a space feel intimate. It makes people look even better than they already do. And it can encourage and inspire cosy evenings and excellent entertainment. So, for your pal who knows that a home is nothing without good lights, give the ultimate gift – an ethereal Petal Lamp from Georges.

For the one you’d like to kiss under the mistletoe

When you boil it down, the holidays are about love, actually. We spend time with our friends and family. We puzzle out the perfect gifts for the people we hold near and dear. And, of course, we sneak a smooch under the mistletoe when we get the chance. Give your crush or your beloved a little hint about your designs with a set of our adorable Snogger Plates. It’s the ideal way to serve them breakfast in bed come Christmas morning.

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