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The Best Hotels to Book in the Off-Season

We’ve looked far and wide across Europe (we’re talking “budget-friendly” off-season hotels, after all, so no transatlantic flights for us, thank you!) and rounded up the best of the best when it comes to cool, affordable hotels. So, whether London is on your hit-list or you simply must visit Paris this winter, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top six hotels for luxuriating that are still lighter on the wallet.


The Hotel Grand Amour and the Hotel Amour in Paris’s 10th and 9th arrondissement, respectively, are some of our very favourite hotels in all of Europe – not just Paris! They’re funky, well-located in terms of seeing the sights and hitting every bakery on your list, but they’re relatively affordable at around €150 a night depending on the day. Don’t miss their stellar scrambled eggs in the morning. A luxury you can certainly afford.


If you’re headed to London this season, you’re probably looking for somewhere cosy and quintessentially British. Also want somewhere that won’t make your eyes bulge when you swipe your card at checkout? Book a room at the Gunmakers in the centre of Marylebone and tick every last box. Rooms will run you about €202 a night, which is a steal for the middle of London during the holidays.


Ah, Rome. No matter the time of year, we find the city truly irresistible. Pack your bags and head to Domus 21 to explore the Eternal City. These cleverly designed luxury suites are in the heart of Rome – just three minutes from the Pantheon, 5 minutes from the Piazza Navona and ten from Trastevere. Feeling creative? Book one of their cooking classes while you’re there and master the art of pasta for your return to normality (and home cooking). Expect to shell out around €175 for a beautiful room here.


Bed & Breakfast Herengracht 21 is just about as cute as they come. This boutique bed and breakfast tucked away in a classic canal house is ideal for heading out into the city on foot (or by “fiets”, if you’re bicycle-y inclined). The converted 17th century house serves old world charm with modern comfort at refreshingly affordable prices. Think €155 a night.


As much as we love Venice, we have to admit we don’t love it quite as much in the summer. Take advantage of the winter chill to see (and eat!) everything you always wanted – without the crowds. And the fact that stunning hotels like Il Palazzo Experimental will run you under €200 a night? Well, that’s just bonus points. Now where did we leave our passports?


If it wasn’t on your list before, Vilnius most certainly should be now. This uber cool city is an undiscovered gem, as is the beautiful Hotel PACAI. At around €200 for an evening tucked in one of their seriously comfortable beds, it’s kind of impossible to say no to this converted 17th-century mansion. Unique architectural details, incredible service and a gorgeous city to explore? Vilnius, here we come!

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