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The Luxury Linen Brand That Is Driving Change

As you might imagine, we love to travel. We love exploring new cities, tasting new dishes and meeting new people. You can imagine the joy on our faces when we came across this up-and-coming brand Malaika, all the way from Cairo, Egypt.


Malaika was founded in 2004 by Margarita Andrade and Goya Gallagher who, after growing up in their native Ecuador, found themselves living and settling in Egypt. With a background in design and a keen interest in embroidery, crochet and hand-drawn thread work, they decided to utilise Egyptian cotton to produce high-quality bed linen previously not available in the local market.

At the heart of its business model, Malaika focuses on teaching hand embroidery to local women giving them a chance to learn a valuable skill and improve their economic standing.


Malaika is a social enterprise that believes in producing timeless pieces for the home and having immense respect for the people who make them. Malaika has its own factory in the outskirts of Cairo, which enables them to produce high quality products in a nourishing working environment. They know their makers and producers and visit them regularly, so they can ensure that they’re treated (and compensated) fairly while they monitor the quality of their products. And that quality is high.

Apart from their everyday work, Malaika founded Threads of Hope in downtown Cairo, a tuition-free embroidery school where all women are welcome to try their hand at embroidery. They even recently opened a nursery so that their trainees can bring their children and focus on up-skilling without leaving their families at home to struggle.


The rich and layered heritage of Egypt is an infinite source of inspiration for the Malaika team, from the sumptuous colours and pictorial traditions of Ancient Egypt and charming Coptic tapestries to the intricate patterns of the Fatimid and Mamlouk era. Even beyond the talented craftsmen who create their linens, Egypt serves as a wealth of design resources and inspiration.

And let’s not forget Egyptian cotton! At the heart of all of their products is beautiful Egyptian cotton. Prized for its softness, strength and superior quality, Egyptian cotton has a long-establieshed reputation of being the finest cotton in the world. Malaika uses only the finest Egyptian cotton in their sheets, tablecloths, napkins and pillowcases, and there’s no denying it makes a difference.

Each of their pieces are beautifully adorned with intricate embroidery, whimsical silk screen prints and colourful embellishments. Their designs are inspired by their love of Egypt and its rich history and culture, with evocative palm trees, scarab beetles, the River Nile and pharaonic motifs.

So, you can rest easy when you shop Malaika linens knowing that they are more than beautiful; they also serve a purpose.

We don’t know what witchcraft they use, but there’s something seriously magical about a hotel bed. They seem to have more pillows, better mattresses and those silky soft sheets we can only seem to find in our dreams.

Well, not anymore. Luckily, there’s a new up-and-coming brand that’s changing the game when it comes to linens. And they’re doing their part to ensure that our beds at home are just as comfortable (if not more so!) than those cloudlike setups at The Ritz or Six Senses and that are tables are decked out just as decadently as a Michelin star restaurant. Malaika is truly changing the game when it comes to chic, luxurious linens; they have us ready to hit the hay (or the table) no matter the time of day.


Elevate your dining experience with Malaika’s elegant table linen, woven in the highest quality Egyptian cotton and linen. Malaika hand-embroidered cocktail napkins are ideal for evening soirées, while their silk screen-printed placemats and beautifully embroidered tablecloths and runners will make every meal memorable.


Find the perfect finishing touches for your home and unique gift ideas with their sumptuous accessories, hand-crafted from the finest Egyptian materials. Discover Malaika’s exquisitely embroidered linen cushion covers, stunning jewel-toned suede clutches and their signature screen-printed shoe and laundry bags.


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