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The 5 Perfect Mother’s day gifts

At Maison Flaneur, we’ve thought long and hard about what would be the ideal gift for Mother’s day. Flowers are always a good idea, and so is an homage post on Instagram. But maybe this year, it’s time for this little extra something. We have selected five products from our unique collection that would please even the pickiest of mothers.

And yes, these are our (Gabriel, Dionas and Marie’s) mums.

For the Mother who loves everything exotic

Uplift your space with this elegant, hand-crafted mirror – it’s made to order in Morocco, and its artisan origins shine through beautifully. Its large round frame (71cm diameter) is delicately hammered – by hand – from brass-toned metal. This process gives it a matt finish, which cleverly contrasts the gleaming mirror itself. The frame’s slim, but adorned with 8 small, round baubles, equally spaced to add interest to its otherwise understated design. Hang it above a dressing table or side table to bring a refined touch to your interior. Handcrafted and made to order in Morocco.

Hammered Metal Wall Mirror in Brass, found at Jnane Tamsna

Get more tips about how to get the Moroccan look in every room on Maison Flaneur’s Magazine. 

For the Mother who loves artisanal products

This is a pasta bowl fit for a grand occasion – handmade, striking, unique – as well as everyday use, thanks to its durable ceramic composition. Jars’ expert potters in France pick up this bowl 17 times before it’s ready for your dining table. And it’s this handcrafted element that gives it its asymmetrical shape and mottled look. A blue reactive glaze is applied to both sides of this shallow pasta bowl before it’s fired – leaving a textured pattern that’s easy on the eye. And that you won’t want to leave hidden in a cupboard.

Jars Handmade Blue Ceramic Pasta Bowl, found at 108 Garage 

If you are interested in more artisanal products, discover the unique story behind the Ceccaldi knives. 

For the Mother who loves design

Since it was set up in 1948, the leading French tableware manufacturer has constantly sought to reinvent itself in pursuit of visionary founder’s goal. In support of this creative adventure, Degrenne joined forces with the world famous designer Philippe Starck: together, they created L’Econome by Stark, an elegant and modern version of an old-timer kitchen tool.

Green Peeler/Paring Knife designed by Stark.

For more design pieces discover the universe of the Americano hotel in New-York. 

For the Mother who wants to bring the smells of her garden inside her home

Think of Paris, and you think chic, sleek and unique. And that’s exactly how you should describe this perfume by Bon Parfumeur. This Patchouli, Rose and Sweet Pea eau de parfum is heady and deep, with soft floral notes. And its Parisian bottle is infamous – a fitting container. This perfume works well for both day and night, the floral notes softening the muskier base notes. And because it’s an eau de parfum, it’ll last all day on your skin, and a long time on your shelf.

Bon Parfumeur Green Tea Freshness and Mimosas Perfume, found at l’Hotel Grand Amour.

For more Parisian inspirations discover l’Hotel Amour ! 

For the Mother you want to share a glass of wine with

There’s a lot to love about these wine glasses. They’re iconic to the patrons of Hôtel Grand Amour, the Parisian hotel owned by renowned graffiti artist André Saraiva. And unsurprisingly – for someone used to writing in unusual places – he designed these engraved wine glasses himself. Each of the 6 wine glasses has a short, thick stem, with an elongated bowl on top – perfect for holding Parisian measures. And around the middle, the word ‘Amour’ is engraved with precision, along with an abstract, accenting wavy line.

Verres Amour, found at l’Hotel Grand Amour. 

But if she is more into cocktail, the St James hotel has the perfect glass selection for you. 

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