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Table Setting by Olive&Co

Meet the beautiful girls behind ‘Olive & Co‘. After meeting on set at their first fashion photoshoot, over a decade ago in London, Milly and Amelia dreamed of a bespoke service of table scaping and event styling. Working in the fashion industry has allowed them to travel extensively and has exposed them to a wealth of cultures.

We love their creativity and taste and have dreamed of an online collaboration.
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Could you tell us three things about you? 

-We are best friends and met together on our first fashion photo shoot when we were 16 in London 

– Everyone one thinks that we are sisters so we can get away with sharing IDs most of the time which is useful! 

– Amelia has a puppy called William and Milly has a daughter called Olive who are best buds which is adorable.

What is the story behind Olive and Co? 

Milly is a Model and a mummy to Olive always wanted to have something else that was hers. As a young child, it was always her job to style the family table which she loved doing. Milly’s mother was in the interiors world which gave her so much inspiration. 

Amelia left modeling to pursue accounting but craved a creative outlet. Having grown up abroad and within a family who love to travel, Amelia loves exploring untouched exotic locations, foreign architecture as well as more luxurious hotel interiors and has a deep-rooted appreciation for different cultures. 

Olive & Co was something that was in the pipeline for a year or so before the first lockdown and was an idea that was Millys but then very quickly came to life when both of us decided to partner up together. Having time in lockdown to really think and brainstorm was fundamental to starting the business. 

Both of us had always dreamt of both having our own businesses and it just seemed like the most perfect fit as we are both creatives to start Olive & Co together. With a shared love of tablescaping, styling, interiors, travel, and creating, we started our business over a year ago and have never looked back.

Do you remember the best dinner party you’ve ever been to? 

The best dinner party we have ever been to ….we actually can’t put a finger on one as there have been so many! We have to say we love those spontaneous evenings where you’re together with your besties/family and you all muck in. A few people cook, a few people make the table look pretty, someone is in charge of throwing together cocktails, and so on. When these sorts of evenings flow and everyone is on top form, with everyone giggling around the table sharing jokes, eating delicious food, and drinking yummy wine, it’s priceless. These are the evenings we missed hugely in lockdown. 

What would be your dream dinner to organise? 

We dream about hosting a dinner party for everyone that has been so supportive and wonderful to us in the last year! Watch this space …. ! 

Do you have a favourite type of dinner? 

We both love a diner where you can see everyone relaxing and most importantly having fun. We love to create an ambience when styling that does just this. It is of course always lovely to go for a smart formal dinner but the energy in the room has to be relaxed. We always love a candle lit dinner… who doesn’t !?

What would be the one tip you’d want to share to set a great table/host a great dinner? 

For every dinner, we style or host we always create a good mood board first! If inviting a group of new and existing friends, consider a table plan to ensure that all guests feel comfortable and a fun idea is to rotate every second guest after your main course! 

Do you have an object you always try and include on your tables? 

Always flowers! In-season flowers are a must and it’s so much fun to get creative with them. We love layering and our Iraca palm placemats are a perfect way to introduce natural textures & tones to the table. Check our website for some pretty coloured handwoven ones too! 

Have you ever wanted to bring an object of decoration back from a hotel? 

I wish I could have bought the bath back from my honeymoon…It would have been very difficult! We are going to recreate it in our new house when we move! -Milly 

Do you think the confinement has changed the way people host? 

We definitely think that the pandemic has made people realise that hosting at home is actually really wonderful. We saw how much homeware/table products prices soared in the pandemic. People really saw the importance of making their homes lovely and especially their dinner tables as those evening meals in lockdown were the highlight to a long day at home. More people seem to be still dining at home rather than going out for dinner as they have realised how lovely it is hosting in the comfort of your own home and finally getting friends and family over. 

Any wishes for 2021? 

To have another year as we have had. We feel extremely lucky to have made such wonderful new friends, connections and have had the support that we have had from everyone. Thank you

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