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All You Need to Know About Festive Table Scaping

Make your Christmas meals special by putting these table scaping ideas into practice.

1. Opt for the classic colours of Christmas

Hints of black, white, and red, along with some little ornaments and mini-Christmas trees – that’s all you need to recreate Christmas’ classic colors. Check out this Rojo Side Plate, which will work wonders when paired with this idea.

2. Make the chairs comfortable

Christmas meals are not just about eating – they are also about people engaging in conversation. However, if you expect to strike up great conversations with your guests, you have to ensure comfortable seating. So, if there are any hard surfaces, try to cozy them up by using fur throws or plump cushions.

3. A stunning centerpiece is compulsory

You can keep the decoration to a minimum if you like, but it would be a mistake to go without a centerpiece. This Buto Glass Candlestick would make for an impressive centerpiece as it features a borosilicate glass construction, which is both delicate and light. What’s more? It can withstand high temperatures as well.

4. Consider adding gold cutlery to the mix

Sure, gold is not a color you would associate with Christmas, but it is definitely one you would associate with luxury. So, you can experiment with some gold cutlery and add some glitter to your Christmas table. Take a look at this Luxus Gold Plated Part Sandblast. It would go very well white all-white plates.

5. A table without a tablecloth can sometimes tantalize

Most of us have gotten so accustomed to using tablecloths that we don’t pay much attention to the beauty of the table underneath. So, this Christmas, get that tablecloth out and let your table’s beauty shine through. Of course, if your table’s surface is not in the best shape, using a tablecloth would be wise. However, if it is, spice it up with some light ornamentation to make it Christmas-ready.

6. Add some green

If you use too much of red, it might become overwhelming for you and your guests. So, use green to maintain some balance. Check this Malachite Medium Rectangular Tray with Hand-Gilded 24K Gold out. It features Limoges porcelain and its commanding design is sure to add some green to the equation.

7. Go for nice napkins

The role of napkins at your Christmas table may be restricted to cleaning use. However, that does not mean that you can’t use napkins to amplify your Christmas table decor. We recommend experimenting with all-white cloth napkins with hints of red in them. Additionally, you could spice up the napkins’ appearances by using napkin rings.

8. Make a separate table for the kids

For kids, Christmas is a time to spend time with siblings and cousins. That’s why it would be a good idea to make a separate space for them. A small table away from the main table would work just fine. This would give kids the space they need and also allow the adults to engage in memorable conversation at the main table.

9. Beautify the table with birch

Birch bark can be a brilliant addition to your Christmas table decor as it adds a natural aesthetic to proceedings. You can easily find birch bark sheets online. However, if you don’t want to spend money on birch, head out into your yard and find out if Mother Nature has anything else in store for you.

So, there you have it – 9 table scaping ideas that would make your Christmas table look captivating. Of course, you don’t have to put them all into practice. Simply pick the ones you like and that should be enough to give you a table that’s fit for playing host to memorable Christmas meals.

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