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So, the Christmas decorations are gone. What now?

After the holidays, we’re always itching for a little refresh. We’ve sat with garland, Santas and bows galore for a month or two, and our inner Marie Kondos are screaming for simplicity. While we’re excited to pack away our festive décor, we are often left feeling a little hollow afterwards.

It’s not that we’re aching for wreaths and twinkle lights year-round, but we do like having beautiful things around that #sparkjoy – no matter the time of year.

So, if you, like us, are looking to zhuzh things up at home, to breathe a little life into your space, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favourite bright new things for 2022. No red or green required.

Bottoms Up!

What could be cheerier than curvy glasses in a sun-drenched hue? Not much, we’d say. Stock up on our Maison Flaneur x Anissa Kermiche Popotin Gl(asses) in ochre, rose or cerulean.

Don’t throw in the Towel

With all of our new, well-intentioned self-care routines, we’re all spending a bit more time in the bathroom these days. Brighten things up in one of the most forgotten rooms of the house with lemony checkered bath towels from Sunei.

That’s a Wrap

We may have sped through the holidays and into the new year, but we’re still deep in the throes of winter. Hunker down and cosy up with a lovely decorative cashmere throw. Chills will be a thing of the past.

Dry January, Who?

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean asceticism need reign supreme – at home or in our diets. Keep things jazzy with chic cocktail napkins and chicer cocktails. Leave the abstinence for February. It’s only 28 days long, after all.

Sew Fun

Eating should be a joy, not a chore. Add a little colour and beauty to your table – breakfast, lunch and dinner – with stunning hand-embroidered placemats. The Coptic crosses on these represent hope and new beginnings: perfect for a new year.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When the new year rolls around, many of us make resolutions. Get fit! Read more! Find a new job! This year, we’ve vowed to hydrate more and look good doing it. That’s why we’re bringing home a set of jolly, baubled water glasses with a matching carafe. Two litres, here we come!

Throwing Shade

Mood lighting is always good, especially when it’s as cute as these embroidered canvas box pleat shades. Whether you go pink, blue or a mix of the two, you can’t go wrong with an Alice Palmer.

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