Frenchie Covent Garden
Covent Garden, London

Celebrated chef Gregory Marchand is well-travelled – and it shows in the decor of his Covent Garden restaurant: Frenchie. As the name suggests, there’s more than a hint of Parisian charm, but alongside the no-fuss styling of London, and the urban grit of New York. Think modern, minimal and muted.

Frenchie Covent Garden
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About the Maker

The Ceccaldi family name has been associated with fine hand-crafted cutlery since the establishment of the cutlery company four decades ago. It is in the southern Corsican village of Zoza, that Jean Pierre and Dany Ceccaldi started their businesses. Jean Pierre learned the art of knife-making from Paul Santoni, an expert cutler, versed in the art of Corsican knife craftsmanship

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    All the wood used by Ceccaldi is dry and healthy. However, as a living material, wood may expand and acquire a patina over time. To minimise this phenomenon, it is critical to avoid immersing the handle in water. You will also need to lubricate the handle once to twice a year with olive oil or sweet almond oil.

    We recommend using sharpening stones. Wet stone, oil stone, Japanese or American stone, the choice is yours. The main thing is to sharpen the blade at a steady angle between 20° and 30°.

  • imageProduct Dimensions

    Length: 22 cm

    Width: 2.5 cm

    Weight: 100g

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