Hotel Americano
Chelsea, New York

Mid-century decor meets modern minimalism in ultra-chic Hôtel Americano, a boutique hotel in Manhattan’s Chelsea. This area’s known for its art and gallery scene, and inside, Hôtel Americano is equally cultured in its style. Latin, Japanese, and mid-century American influences mean that warm woods, black grass and concrete are common among the hotel’s 56 rooms.

Hotel Americano
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  • imageProduct Specifications

    Power supply: 3 batteries, LR20, 1.5V
    Face cards: Black PVC with white text
    Clock technology: Quartz timekeeping mechanism, with a precision of ±1 minute/year. Easy to set using the rear controls

  • imageProduct Dimensions

    Length: 66.4 cm
    Width: 11.4 cm
    Height: 13.0 cm
    Digit height: 5.0 cm

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