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Our Story

“Being a flâneur means to be away from home and yet to feel oneself everywhere at home.”

Charles Baudelaire, « Le Peintre de la vie moderne », 1863

Our Vision

Flâneur in French translates as ‘wanderer’. We feel we are part of a new generation of Flâneurs.
As travelers, we strive to find authentic locations, as consumers, we want to create meaningful
relationships with the things we buy. We want to put homeware back in the context of the
cultures and trends that shape the world we live in. Maison Flâneur is the destination of choice
for travelers and home enthusiasts looking for a unique and ever-evolving collection of
homeware products curated from the best hotels, restaurants and hospitality experiences
across the world with a view to curating a collection of uniquely timeless pieces. Our virtual
marketplace enables the shopper to view our retail space from anywhere in the world.

Our Collection

Maison Flâneur seeks out exquisite, design-centric hotels and restaurants, with which we
partner to curate beautifully designed homeware objects. Each suggesting a lifetime of travel,
it’s this that makes our collection unconventional and unique. Each object evokes its own soulful
and eclectic story; you may very well find a hand-woven Berber rug set beside a Barcelona
chair. Tableware, textiles, accessories, art pieces, and furniture – icons of our experiences –
delivered to your door. International, curious and enthusiastic, we are always in search of
unique interiors and in-depth stories that will tickle the fancy of our creative minds.

Meet the team

Dionas Sotiriou

Dionas Sotiriou


Greek born in Brussels, Dionas has spent the past ten years living in London working in finance. As an avid traveler, he started Maison Flâneur in 2018 to allow his fellow “Flâneurs” to bring
their own worldly experiences and memories back home.

Favourite venue

Favourite item
Black Solari Cifra 3 Clock

Marie Winckler

Marie Winckler


Marie worked as a journalist before entering the world of start-ups. A Belgian émigré of French heritage, she attended the Sorbonne before writing for the Guardian, the Independent and the Evening Standard – amongst others. Passionate about storytelling, Marie joined the Maison Flâneur team in 2018 because she believes places and objects are best when they have a story
to tell.

Favourite venue
El Fenn

Favourite item
Large Vintage Mirrored Glass Ashtray

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