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Our Bank Holiday Hit-List

We’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news, no? The August bank holiday is just around the corner, and that means vacation, vacation, vacation. Now, ready for the bad news? This is our last one until Christmas.


Because this will be our last government-sanctioned holiday for a wee while, we are determined to make the absolute most of it. We’re not leaving things to the last minute and getting stuck packed in a park, sweating like there’s no tomorrow with the rest of London. No, no. We’re planning ahead and making sure this three-day weekend feels like the three-week holiday of a lifetime.

We’ve got four amazing ideas for bank holidays of all sizes (and distances!). So, whether you’re feeling incredibly ambitious or can’t muster the energy to hop on a plane, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to switch on those out of office replies. It’s bank holiday weekend!

A stone’s throw away:

Especially if you live in West London! We know we said we’re avoiding sticky picnics and packed tube lines, but there’s something infinitely appealing about a staycation. There’s no wrestling suitcases into overhead bins and you avoid the dreaded Sunday schlep home. Really, what could be better? For those of you who are tickled by being a tourist in your own town this holiday, we suggest booking into Inhabit. Nestled in a leafy corner of Paddington, this city oasis is far more than a hotel.

Not toooo far:

Not so keen on staying put in London? We get it. Escape the steaming city streets in favour of lush, green countryside. We believe there’s hardly a better place to be in the UK than the Cotswolds. Soaring ceilings, country charm and killer food make The Ox Barn at Thyme an evergreen fave for us. The fact that it’s only a few hours’ drive or train ride makes it all the more appealing.

A little further afield:

Say it with us. “We love the Eurostar. We love the Eurostar!” But really. We love the Eurostar. The rest of Europe has the luxury of seamless, stressless train travel whenever they want to hop across the border, but we’re not quite as lucky here in the UK. Thankfully, a few of our ultimate long weekend destinations are in fact easily accessible on the Eurostar. Bop over to Paris for a weekend of croissants, brocantes and everything charmant or keep things cas’ with a few days of blondes and bitterballen over in Amsterdam. Both are only a couple hours away (which really feel like nothing if you spring for a premier seat on the train) and both are supremely charming.

The long-haul:

While we wouldn’t really recommend a true long-haul for a three-day weekend, we can’t resist something a little more exotic on occasion. If you’re craving adventure this bank holiday, we highly recommend a jaunt to Vilnius and the Hotel Pacai. It might not have been your first thought when the words ‘bank holiday’ were being bandied about, but we can bet it will for your future holidays if you check it out this August.

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