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Our 10 favourite outdoor plants for your garden (or your balcony)

Let’s remember to appreciate nature’s spring bloom and tardy setting suns.  So, to get your garden (or balcony) looking as pristine as your interior, here are our 10 favourite outdoor plants complete with styling tips. 

1. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is truly best of British – this potently scented, white flowered plant is native to Britain, with dark leaves as captivating as its smell. It prefers a shady spot, and spreads to cover the ground its planted in, creating a country cottage feel that’s great for cosying up gardens in urban areas. For extra cosy emphasis, add a soft, sunshine yellow cotton throw to rattan garden furniture – just be sure to bring it in each day at nightfall.

2. Moroccan Mint

With its lilac flowers in the summer, and fresh mint scent year-round, Moroccan mint’s one of the best plants for style as well as substance. Keep it partially shaded, then trim the delicate foliage and add to water to brew your own Moroccan mint tea. Complete the Moroccan decor style with a natural rattan loveseat.


3. Mexican Fan Palm 

The Mexican Fan Palm is another outdoor plant that’s great for fans of the Moroccan interior and exterior decor trend – thanks to its spiky, fanned leaves and sturdy stem. Because it prefers hotter climates, you’ll need to keep it covered in the winter. And to enhance your Moroccan look garden, swap your metal bistro chairs for a handmade rattan rocking chair. Or, for a more contemporary look, plant it in a chic black or geometric-patterned pot: flowerless outdoor plants like this one can add an architectural emphasis too.

4. Red Gerbera

Its cheery, oversized red flowers – and tall green stems – make the Red Gerbera one of the best outdoor plants for creating a sunny, high energy space that’s great for entertaining. Plant it in raised beds, and bordering colourful garden furniture that’s accessorised with a red cotton throw when the weather’s dry, for a bold and beautiful outdoor space.


5. Moroccan Daisy

Straight from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the Moroccan Daisy’s a pretty addition to any pot. With its small upright white flowers and flowing silver-green leaves, when it comes to outdoor plants this one’s far from average. Top a tiled bistro table with candles, and place a small Moroccan tiled storage box next to them to hold your matchsticks.

6. Mediterranean Oleander

This is one of the UK’s most-loved exotic outdoor plants, and it’s easy to see why. Its simple flower has a flared, trumpet shape, adding drama as well as colour – choose from pink, red and white. Its rich, forest green leaves are a bold contrast to the sweeter toned flower itself. And with its delicate perfume, it’s a good choice for making smaller spaces like balconies and terraces more inviting, alongside a chic marble bistro table.


7. Jasmine

Fans of scented flowers should consider Jasmine, too – its heavy scent and petite star-shaped white flowers make long summer evenings a sweeter affair. And because it’s a climbing plant, it’ll make a feature of your flora, whether you plant it in your garden or have it creeping up a freestanding trellis on your balcony. Invest in a statement black and gold vase for your dining table so that you bring the scent of your outdoor plants inside, especially if you’re hosting a dinner party.

8. Climbing Hydrangea

Climbers are an easy way to give your garden a max impact makeover – use these outdoor plants to hide brickwork or unsightly fence panels. A climbing hydrangea will give you plenty of coverage and height, and its mix of tiny and medium-sized white flowers will lighten up your space all summer. Pair it with other climbing outdoor plants, next to a black metal accent chair, to create an unusual yet intentional resting place.


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