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Open-plan living space interior styling ideas

Open-plan living spaces have been trending for a while – thanks to their light, airy feel, and contemporary aesthetic. The most common type of open-plan living space brings the kitchen into your living area (either your dining room or living room, or both), making dining a collaborative, family affair and increasing the joy we feel when eating and dining. But while well-styled open-plan living spaces are interior design gold, it can be easy for your open-plan living space to lack character – or feel too busy – when you overlook interior styling ideas. We’ve gathered our best open-plan living space ideas below, to help you make the most of your open-plan living space, and embrace your interior design style in a way that’s functional and liveable.

Section your space

While open-plan living spaces bring multiple rooms together, it’s important to establish subtle boundaries between each ‘room’ – it’s much more functional, and also makes your space more inviting. Rugs are a great way to establish distinct room sections: start by placing one under your dining table and chairs, and another under your sofa. It’s a good way to introduce a cosy feel while also making use of colour – and it protects your floors from furniture scuffs too. Be sure to choose rugs that complement each other, either in tonal shades from the same palette or with a uniting pattern or texture. That way you won’t sacrifice style while showing off your room’s sections.

Make it personal

Vast open spaces can sometimes feel cold or unwelcoming. So to avoid that when styling your open-plan living space, be sure to introduce personal touches like art, decorative accessories and plants. They all help us form a connection with our space – great for good feng shui. And it’s a great way to show off your interior design style too. Choose a selection of industrial pieces in metallic tones for a more urban look, or for a cosier, traditionally styled interior, go for rich colours and textured materials. With a few well chosen accessories in each room, it’ll create a united look that brings your space together in style.

Create cohesion

Rugs and decorative accessories are a great way to create a cohesive interior design style throughout your open-plan space. But there are other options too. Pay attention to the materials you pick, choosing similar textures and tones to unite your furniture. A Scandi sofa on light wood legs looks great matched with bar stools in light wood. While a metallic floor lamp in your living area works well against the backdrop of an industrial style kitchen. And colour is a great way to create cohesion too – stick to tonal shades, or go for opposites on the colour wheel to create cool contrast that isn’t jarring.

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