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Open plan living room interior ideas

We spend our whole life wanting more space – especially those of us living in urban cities. But when we actually get the space we seek? It can feel overwhelming. Well, fear not – if your living rooms on the larger side, and you’re not sure where to start when shaping its interior, we’ve got plenty of open plan living room ideas that’ll help you maximise your room’s potential without sacrificing style and comfort.

Create cohesion with home accessories

Home accessories are often overlooked when it comes to finalising your open plan living room ideas, but these finer details are important – they play a big part in your living room’s final feel. And while rugs are great for separating your spaces – living area from the dining area, etc. – accessories can unite each element of your room, creating subtle cohesion that ensures your open plan living room is inviting, not distracting. Try picking living room accessories that match your dinnerware: this green and gold storage pot works well on coffee tables, and matches these green and gold plates. Or, for a less magnificently matched look, pick pieces in the same tone, like this red living room throw and pink dinner plates.

Rule with rugs

When it comes to open plan living room ideas, rugs are the easiest – and most logical – place to start. Use them to segment your space into designated, functional areas. If your living room opens out into a dining area, place a large colourful rug under your sofa and coffee table, and a rug in a similar tone under your dining table and chairs – it’ll create a sense of order, and also allow you to introduce bolder colours without risking overpowering your space (a risk when painting all your walls in one tone). Similarly, a durable kitchen runner that complements your under-sofa rug works well to create style symbiosis in open plan kitchen/living rooms.

Think functionally

Big, open plan living rooms offer seemingly endless styling possibilities. So when it comes to open plan living room ideas, no dream’s off limits. If you’ve always longed for a chaise longue, use it to designate one section of your space as a reading nook – next to a brass wall lamp, your dream can become a reality without looking out of place. After all, your living room is for living in all its forms, not just for watching Netflix. Or, section off one end of your space with a plain rug and add a desk, chair, and designer clock radio – perfect if you don’t already have a home office.

Amp up the ambiance with accessories

A bigger living room space, without proper pre-planning, can end up feeling cold and uninviting – the opposite of ideal when it comes to living rooms. So don’t leave off ambiance-adding additions when you’re drafting your open plan living room ideas. Candles, candlesticks, and lamps are quick wins – anything that adds light, scent or warmth. A tall terracotta candlestick at either end of a fireplace surround works well, especially if combined with a matching set in your kitchen or dining area. And lamps are another easy way to make your space more relaxing, like this red table lamp.

Tempt with textiles

The sofa is undoubtedly the main attraction in any living room, and an L-shaped sofa works best – it creates a natural but unobtrusive barrier between your living room and the other space, be it a dining area or kitchen. To increase the comfort factor – and counteract the starkness of a larger space – layer your sofa with plenty of textiles. A monochrome cotton throw makes a cosy addition, without risking colour clash. While a complementary woven runner placed across the length of your dining table will help to bring this area of your room in harmony with your seating space.


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