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Object of Desire: The Anna Plates, CID, Portugal

We asked Olympia and Ariadne Irving about their iconic Anna plates, their perfect Autumn dinner party and the table setting they would use.

What inspired the Anna plate?
Most of our plates tend to have an all-over design. We thought the Anna Plate would be a nice way to add color and pattern to your table in a more muted way.

What’s behind the name Anna?
We name some of our plates after close friends and family so we named this one after our step-sister Anna

Do you have a favourite colour?
Olympia: Yolk
Ariadne: I can’t chose! I guess it depends on the mood of the dinner party/ season!

The artisan you work with are in Portugal? Can you tell us more about them?
We absolutely love the artisans we work with. They are always so excited and keen to try out the new designs we bring to them.

What would be your perfect Autumn dinner party?
Autumn is really the perfect time for dinner parties at home. It’s starting to get darker earlier and earlier and all you really want is to be having dinner with close friends – lots of wine, a fun playlist. At this time of the year, there is nothing more delicious than a roast! The setting would definitely be at home, our walls are dark red so with lots of candles, dimmed lights and the fire on it’s the perfect place for an Autumn Dinner Party. Guests, love having close friends but also always great fun to have a few new people thrown in. We always find the combination of old and new friends is perfect because the stories that come up are always hilarious!

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